The reputation of our company and the trust of our customers, investors, employees and the public depend on the concrete conduct of every individual who works for ImpleVista. We want things to go right for ourselves and for ImpleVista. This Code of Conduct is a useful guide that defines the way that ImpleVista employees should behave towards the company, colleagues, customers, suppliers and the public.

This Code of Conduct represents a summary of binding guidelines for everybody who is employed by ImpleVista (hereafter employees). Although the Code of Conduct is primarily intended as an internal policy document, it also provides our business partners with information about the conduct that they can expect from us, as well as what we expect from them.

Compliance with the Law

Compliance with and observance of the law is obligatory across ImpleVista. Each employee is obliged to adhere to both national and international law, and to act in accordance with it. We also require our employees to abide by the law in their personal conduct, to meet their personal responsibilities and to refrain from activities that may be detrimental to the reputation of ImpleVista.

Our employees

ImpleVista’s employees are the company’s most important asset and determine the success of ImpleVista. All employees are treated equally, regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age or sexual orientation. ImpleVista relies on motivated and competent employees and therefore invests in their continuing education and expertise.

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