SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is the application to manage SAP and Non-SAP solutions. Provides integration to SAP systems and methodologies, monitors and implements operations for SAP customers, and allows the SAP systems to run smoothly.


Solution Manager which is also known as ‘SolMan’ provides Application Lifecycle Management. As the name describes ALM provides end-to-end monitoring of an application through its lifecycle from A to Zee I.e., from the inception of an application to its last operative juncture.



SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is an updated version of SAP ALM which allows improved operations in the cloud and on-premises solutions which allows innovations with increased effectiveness and management processes.


Functional Areas

Implevista offers you authentic IT solutions to frame your business, aids with core values that help increase the efficiency of its customers.


Standard ChaRM

Standard ChaRM is utilized to perform general and safe changes that are less critical and habitually utilized. It helps in measuring standard changes in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.


Document Management

If the data is in the paperwork, Document Management System (DMS), a document manager, scans the document with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and converts it into a digital document, and manages already available technical data by transferring it to the DMS system.


Test Management

Plan, execute, analyze and report functional testing to upgrade your business process with a test suite for all SAP and Non-SAP applications


IT Service Management

Comprehensive management of the lifecycle of the business process, compliant of ITIL standard framework with the key features like Incident, problem, and change management.


Business Process Management

Optimize your business process through Implevista experts, by providing you the solutions and implementation strategies for BPM life cycle


Release Management

Release Management: Process of testing, scheduling, and deployment of new releases to the sap landscape which helps to maintain the quality of the business process

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