Interface Processing

Connect and communicate with internal and external data with our experts by implementing the Application Programming interface at Implevista.

SAP Interface Processing

What is interface processing:

Interface processing puts the working of a business operation at ease by bifurcating the functionalities and the methods that exist in the same class , helps in easy identification and workflow management.

Types of Interface Processing

BAPI interfaces

Change the business objects effectively, build interaction with your business process and cross-check the validations, implement them successfully at Implevista.

BAPI work unit interface

Number of BAPI sequence task comprises of BAPI work unit interface which systematically organizes the BAPI’s and runs the smooth functioning of the completion of tasks in a required equilibrium.

BAPI result set interface

Use BAPI set interface to fetch data from the SAP server, which serves the purpose in two steps I.e. BAPI Get List and BAPI Get Detail which is also known as result set interface.

ALE interface

ALE (Application Link Enabling) interface is a phase to fetch data from the external systems or between the SAP systems. Build communication and integration, collect data in the format of Intermediate Documents .

ALE pass-through

Exchanged data which is stored in the form the IDocs reaches to the destination through inbound and outbound processing where IDocs are transfigured to the business subject.

IDOC interface Query interface

Advanced event processing interface

Advanced interface is chosen when the other interface processing does not provide the required competencies for the application, done by both inbound and outbound processing.

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