Application Cockpit


Application Cockpit is ImpleVista’s Application Lifecycle Management solution encompassing tools for requirements management, software architecture, manage design, build and testing, software maintenance, change, project, release and document management.

Application Cockpit enables business and IT to control and regulate business processes and solutions in the most efficient way. It is available in 2 flavors.

1. Application Cockpit – with extra features on top of standard SAP solution manager

2. Web Application Cockpit (WAC) – web version of AC

Few of the many tools in Application Cockpit for your ALM are

  • bullet2 Change Request Management
  • bullet2 Transport Request Management
  • bullet2 Analysis tool
  • bullet2 Process Management
  • bullet2 Incident Management
  • bullet2 Document Management
  • bullet2 Test and quality management
  • bullet2 AC-BI reporting tool
  • bullet2 Estimation and Resource planning
  • bullet2 System Access Request management
  • bullet2 System Management