Success Story SAR

System Access Request (SAR) at DONG Energy, Denmark

As quoted by the internal IT magazine of Dong Energy says, “In the beginning of February the new application SAR (System Access Request) was launched by Supporting Services and after a hyper care period the application is now running smoothly. The application has replaced a number of different access methods/systems, so we now have only one process/application handling user access to all of our SAP platforms. The benefit of the new application is that it saves a lot of time in creating requests and in the execution of the requests. It has also contributed to the application consolidation, as we have been able to shut down several other tools (e.g. OMADA)

Furthermore, a quote about ImpleVista in the article goes as………

This little application is a result of collaboration between Architecture, Planning, Integration, Security, IT Web, Supporting Services and ImpleVista (Our SAP Solution Manager vendor). The process of designing the WebSAR application has been a good example of working together and has actually given birth to the early stage CAA pattern and a more mature approach towards application SOA

ImpleVista’s Application Cockpit is aimed to produce lasting cost reductions for the entire SAP landscape at DONG and many of its other clients by optimizing the Change control process and enabling strategic deployment of the changes to SAP systems.