Success Story at Novozymes

Novozymes, Denmark

Novozymes, one of the biggest biotechnology based company, headquartered in Denmark and employing approximately 5,400 people in 30 countries has implemented ImpleVista’s Application Cockpit in SAP Solution Manager.

Novozymes has migrated their erstwhile System of Change Management to Solution Manager based Application Cockpit. Novozymes is another example of how smooth transition can occur from a client’s existing setup to Application Cockpit. The transition took place from a scenario where Lotus Notes were used for all the Change Requests and arbitrary documentations were followed for Transport request to a completely new scenario, where all documentation (which is standardized through use of templates), related to Transport Requests with workflow (and integrated with Test Management before being transported to Production) are attached to the Change Requests.

The overview of the Application Cockpit provides easy access to all information related to the development done for a particular change. Micro level information like the associates responsibility, the resources allocated to them and their estimation are captured. Application Cockpit is now being used for creation of Support messages and standard changes. It is being used currently for all the projects and changes in the ECC, Solman and PI systems. Novozymes uses scrum for most of the changes and for other projects with other deadlines. Application Cockpit has proven to be completely adaptable to the needs of both scenarios.

Novozymes considers the transition from legacy to Application Cockpit as a big success. The user finds the new scenario extremely convenient and easy along with the vital aid that Application Cockpit provides during the course of the Project.

Novozymes users working on other systems, that were next on the rollout plans, kept on enquiring when and how soon Application Cockpit would be implemented in their systems. There could not have been any customer testimony stronger than this.